The Mapify Team
The Mapify Team

Time to count on Mapify…

When Tilley Harris and Alex Pielak decided to venture into the tech world they weren’t quite sure what to expect. Starting with a ‘simple’ concept of a website that maps networks within a community, helps organisations to share resources and measures the impact of community work, was probably the easy part.

Mapify emerged with the help of the Westminster Church Street Ward community. Arts and Cultural organisations were facing cuts in public funding and the area was about to undergo a major regeneration. The big question was, ‘Do local authorities really know what services exist in their community and are they aware of the impact they are making?’

Mapify pinpoints what counts in your community

Both Tilley and Alex have been working closely with Westminster City Council and the Church Street Community to develop the Mapify website. This venture was no mean feat. Many lessons were learnt along the way. Starting with the do’s and don’ts of contracting web developers, going through a fast-paced incubation process and finishing with celebrating their success on 1st May.

Earning a place on the Solve and Future Gov’s accelerator programme helped to fast track Mapify. The programme provided an opportunity to think strategically about Mapify, plan the future and to drill-down on the potential pitfalls. Are they there yet?

Whether Tilley and Alex are successful in convincing their funders that Mapify is a worthy investment remains to be seen. They will need to wait till D-Day on 6 June to hear the results. Needless to say Mapify has picked up speed and has enough drive to keep the wheels in motion and go those extra miles.

The Mapify Team is all set to celebrate their success. They have received a tremendous amount of expert advice and spent the past 14 weeks being inspired by the 12 other social enterprise teams on the Accelerator Programme.

Stay connected with @MapifyUK on Twitter. The Mapify Team are rallying together today, 1st May, pinpointing what counts.