intheirshoesimageThis coming Thursday, 17th of September, Voist and creative duo My Wife and i, will come together to celebrate the completion of a very special project. How do you get people to start talking about organ donation? That was the question that was proposed to us by East Sussex Healthcare Trust when they asked Voist to help them with a campaign to encourage more people to sign the organ donor register. ESHT wanted to offer a different perspective on the subject of organ donation and transplantation. Along with funding from University of the Arts London‘s Seed Fund, Voist began working with ESHT’s Organ Donor Committee to produce a series of short films that would tell real life stories on this subject. The Voist team spent time visiting individuals that had received a transplant, and families that had agreed for their loved ones to become donor’s.


A discussion about organ donation is ultimately a conversation about life and death. When you die, would you be willing to donate your organs and give the gift of life? Having now spent nearly two years working with people affected by this issue, it is clear that the need for an organ can fall upon anyone. It is crucial to take some time to consider what you might do if you were put in this situation. Our aim with the In Their Shoes project was to make the subject more approachable. We wanted to honor the sadness and heartbreak that accompanies this subject, but at the same time express what an incredible act giving an organ is and to highlight what this gift can mean to someone in need.

Voist asked My Wife and i if they would like to collaborate on the project to ensure that we took the viewer on a real journey. The recordings made during our time spent with donor families and recipients were full of genuine emotion and passion for this life saving act. We wanted the films to conveyed this emotion, but felt strongly that it was important to provide space for the viewer to go on their own journey of reflection. We wanted audiences to ask themselves how would they feel if they were in the same position. We wanted them to walk in these peoples shoes.

Join us for the screening of these very special films this Thursday at The Depot from 6.30.