At the end of last year AzuKo and Impact Hub Westminster hosted an event looking to break down the stigma associated with failure within the workplace. We helped them to capture how the audience felt about failure within the workplace and also demonstrated the impact the night had.

With a focus on the social impact design sector a selection of guests bravely shared their experiences of failure at work – not an easy thing to do in front of an audience of 70 or so people.

From development projects not achieving targets, career paths not taking the intended route and big budget projects turning into jobs from hell – the stories and experiences were truly enlightening. It showed just how useful it can be to share a meaningful failure with others. Not only is it a kind of cathartic process for the person who has experienced the failure but it is also an inspiring lesson for those listening. 75% of the audience said that the event had helped to change their perspective on failure

If we care to take note of them, the ‘mistakes’  we make they can teach us a lot of things. They help us to see processes and tasks that don’t work so we can avoid them next time we take on similar challenges.

Although the event demonstrated how a failure can be used as a learning experience, one common issue brought to light was the lack of support in the workplace to discuss and learn from failures. Only one fifth of the audience said they felt an openness at their work to talk about failure – with over half the audience saying they still felt embarrassment about their failures.

It would seem that events like AzuKo’s are very good at helping to change perspectives around failure but there is still a long way to go to truly change the collective professional mindset – that sometimes – failure can be a good thing.

Watch our animation to find out more about what we discovered around the topic and the impact that the event had: