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Voist is a creative agency. We create meaningful and insightful stories utilising photography, video, tech and design.

Voist was started by collective of photojournalists in 2010, the aim was to create a platform from which to share inspiring stories and help people to better access new ideas and information. Over time the Voist team has evolved and developed – now we don’t just engage and inspire through storytelling; we experiment and innovate through tech development and on the ground engagement with communities.

Ultimately we are always seeking new solutions to important social issues of today. We have a passionate interest in social innovation; how it happens and who makes it happen. The work we do and the projects that we run reflects our ability to combine a wide range of skills and collaborate with a diverse range of people to deliver unique solutions to challenges for both business, people and planet.

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The Voist team

We design and develop services for customers of all sizes, specializing in creating stylish, modern websites, web services and online stores.

Tilley Harris


Tilley trained as a Photojournalist, studying at London College of Communication. She leads on video editing and client engagement.

She is an A-star networker and able to connect and engage with anyone from the community to corporate world. Tilley’s role often involves being the catalyst for new projects – driving forward connections and collaborations.

Alex Pielak


Alex also trained as Photojournalist at London College of Communication – where he met Tilley.

Alex leads on design – creating graphics, visualisations and delivering the various digital, print and post-production graphics for Voist projects. He is a wiz with anything tech; from photo-editing to tech development.

Alex brings with him his professional experience of working as a picture editor for Associated Newspapers.

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