The Power of Networks

AKOU is a new tech venture from the team behind Voist. Born out of Voist’s Mapify concept of consultation, AKOU is working on building a new platform and experience around consultation, engagement and data visualisation.


Collaboration Is Everything

Collaboration has always been at the centre of everything we do. We feel that when you make a commitment to successful collaboration you make a commitment to a specific work ethos. An ethos that we at AKOU treat with the utmost respect. As challenging as collaboration can be at times, it is also hugely rewarding – when you produce something as a team, your sense of achievement is always amplified. For this reason we wanted understand how networks are built successfully and how each relationship functions as an important piece of a whole.


Listen & Observe

We listen and observe attentively in order to harness information which we then translate to tell a story. We’ve designed an innovative consultation process that will monitor and measure the key components within a successful network. As part of our unique process, we’ve been developing an application with which we help you easily visualise, understand and nurture your network.


AKOU is a new venture from the team behind Voist. Tilley and Alex have recently raised pre-seed funding to develop the outcomes and discoveries learnt on the Mapify project. With these learnings AKOU is building a new platform to better map and understand connections and impact in communities and companies.

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