Clean & Cool

Voist ran a series of consultation sessions with the Clean & Cool team to guide a co-design process for a new online platform. Innovate UK were keen to better understand their networks, what value is produced as a result of building these networks and how can they be better supported. The aim of the platform was to encourage Innovate UK’s Clean and Cool alumni to better connect with each other, share information and resources. Ultimately Innovate UK were looking for a better method of tracking and demonstrating the value and impact of their work.

We ran a series of discover and develop workshops over the course of 6 months working closely with LongRun Works and Hatch to explore various designs and concepts to determine requirements and features for the Clean and Cool tool.

ClientLongRun Works, Innovate UKServicesco-design, UX, concept design, consultation, workshops, researchYear2014-2015