Devonshire Membership Mapping project

Mapify Devonshire Square provided the marketing and membership team at the Devonshire Club team with a comprehensive overview of the area surrounding the Club and the Devonshire Square Estate. Our intensive consultation programme and live database identified key businesses, individuals and entertainment hubs operating locally to the Club. Focusing particularly on Blackstone’s Devonshire Square complex, as well as surrounding neighbourhoods.

All findings were easily accessible via the interactive map and searchable database that Voist built. Key individuals, companies, community organisations and groups were listed on the online directory. Each pin on the map linked to a profile breakdown of each business mapped. Data collected included key individual contact details from each business. Surveyed data from willing employees were also collated and visualised. Key information such as areas of industry/leisure interest and activities of local employees were also displayed.

ClientDevonshire ClubServicesconsultation, research, market research, mappingYear2015-2016