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Voist ran the consultation process for the redevelopment of the Old Tram Depot in Hackney, gathering local opinions on new plans for the site. The aim was to put forward locally supported recommendations on how the commercial spaces on the ground level of the site should be used. The local community have been campaigning to preserve the historic site for many years, so ensuring that the process of engagement was transparent and inclusive was critical in order to reach a successful planning conclusion that was supported by local people.

We created an online platform for the community, architects and developers to have open and consistent dialogue with each other. We held a workshop, produced an exhibition of plans and created a website that displayed interactive plans and a space for community members to comment on them.
Planning consent for this historic site has been a contentious issue for the past 14 years. The team saw the need to help rebuild relationships between the community and developers so both sides could be heard and reach a level of understanding. The consultation process that Voist carried out gave the community a sense of ownership over the site, its history and its future.

ClientSUSDServicesconsultation, web development, community workshop, community, redevelopmentYear2014