A local history captured

Voist used photography, sound recordings and archive material to bring to life the story of Clapton's Tram Depot and its former inhabitants.


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Telling one community’s story

Shot in the late summer of 2013, The Deserted Village put forward one community’s story. With their eviction notices served, the occupants of Clapton’s historic Tram Shed were documented by Voist as they made their preparations to leave what was once home, a place of work or space to create. Some inhabitants had called the Old Tram Depot home for 30 plus years.

The Deserted Village

Redevelopment and regeneration is an ever present part of life in our city. It is hard to look over a part of London’s skyline without escaping the silhouette of a construction crane. As old buildings are torn down and new towers of glass and steel erected in their place, are the workers, residents and ultimately the communities that once occupied these spaces given the thought and attention that they deserve?

The collection of portraits, audio recordings and archive materials was exhibited at The Depot in 2014 as part of Photomonth.

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